How to find $100 to reduce our climate impact

>> Thursday, August 6, 2009

Environmental News Network:

Environmental News Network is reporting that climate legislation would only cost $100 for an average family per year.

Now, personally, I don't really have $100 laying around right now, but over the course of a year, I could find it. I think this cause is worth it.

How to find the $100:

In order to "find" the money to cover it, I will work on lowering my utility costs by $8.33 a calendar month.

  • hot water heater blanket (estimated average yearly savings at least $25.00)

  • water usage: fixing a dripping faucet, getting family to use less water (estimated average yearly savings $20)

  • air conditioning: insulated curtains on the east side of my house (estimated yearly savings $25)

  • electricity: using a green power strip on TV, Cable, DVD, VCR (estimated yearly savings $25)

  • cable (my least favorite utility) canceling the $5 kid's channels (sorry, guys, we'll use the bizillion DVD's we have) (average yearly savings: $60)

OK! With $55 dollars extra saved. Hmmm, maybe that means I can buy new shoes this year!

(photo credit: azrainman)