Telemarketing That Helps Your Nontoxic Life

>> Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Call me crazy, but every August I get the urge to purge. It must be all those years I was in school and felt the pressure of time running out to get things done.

And so I have discovered that I actually want to opt-in for some marketing calls. Apparently, there are lists that some charities use to call for donations. What a great idea! Everyone wins. I get a cleaner less toxic house and a tax deduction; the charity gets donations.

In cleaning out this year, I was seriously dismayed to see how far out of control my basement had gotten. I found old knick-knacks, furniture, a computer, dishes, curtains, exercise equipment and lots of clothes. All of these things have been taking up space for many Augusts now.

This is toxic for several reasons. One, the space involved. It is a waste of space to store things I do not need or want. Two, someone less fortunate could perhaps have been using these things these past years-how selfish of me to keep these things. Three, these things collect dust or worse-get wet and moldy sitting around. Last, it is toxic because it is disrespectful to let useful items sit unused.

I plan to be put on three
charity lists to prevent this from happening again. I hope to receive calls about once every three months. This will help me continually recycle things I do not need or use. I will have a hard time saying no to these organizations and it will force me to take stock and recycle what I can several times a year.

One more small thing that can help your nontoxic life.