Reassessing Others

>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

I recently read an article about our faces being masks we hide behind. Are our eyes mere shutters on our face from which we peek? Are our faces masks?

With people we meet, if we look and listen we can see past the mask, but we must look and listen carefully, lest we miss something we like or something we don't. Seldom do we meet obvious people who are so completely good or altogether bad.

Instead we find people who are incomplete, imperfect and in progress. We see their image and decide, sometimes as quickly as a first impression, whether the things we like outweigh the things that we don't.

In essence, we try to read others. It happens so fast that it almost seems subconscious. However it happens, it can be hard to charge our minds. But if we continue to look and listen and yes, judge, we may find our original thought to be upheld, or we may find it to be reversed. We could find ourselves more confused than ever.

Everyone tries to show mostly their own kinds of masks-that image they want the world to see. It may not be the real person at all.

The most we can do is continue to reassess.