ok to "sneak snack" after kids are in bed?

>> Wednesday, January 7, 2009

With the holidays just passing, I have noticed how often I do this. 

Pretty often.  
Almost every night.  
Oh, all right, every single effing night.

Once the kids are nestled in for the night, it's like I am on auto-pilot and before I know it there is a bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup and whip cream in front of me.  Or cookies. Or brownies.  Or chocolate cake.  Or, well you get the pic.

These are not things I encourage my kids to eat.  They only get the bad stuff on special occasions.  My kids seem to recognize the treat cabinet and have commented on how only mommy and daddy get to eat from it.  

Frankly, I sort of dread the day when the kids stay up as late as me.  Will I have to share the cheesecake?

Putting mommy's potential eating disorder aside, my biggest worry is that I may be setting the kids up to become obese or something.  I have seen experiments involving kids who are not allowed to have sweet treats.  They just gorge themselves when given the chance.  And the kids who get the junk regularly are more blase.

I want to encourage the kids to eat healthy, but will my plan backfire?

I would love to hear comments on this. Have you ever snuck the forbidden snack at your house?  Do you allow your kids to eat treats as often as you do?