5 questions about lying online and in real life

>> Monday, May 18, 2009

I recently read a book about how much we, here in the good old USA, lie.  The book, The Day America Told the Truth by James Patterson and Peter Kim, is about a national survey done in 1991, in which people were given up to 1800 questions to answer.  

The people surveyed were guaranteed anonymity and boy did they talk.  They told of adultery, racism, sexual abuse, cheating on their taxes and what they would do for $2 million. 

Since this book is pretty old, I can't help but wonder if the statistics are still relatively accurate. The book says 80 million people feel no one truly knows them.  Not their parents, not their kids, not their spouses.  Not even their best friends.  

This information didn't totally surprise me.  I've noticed the fact that people seem to "white lie" exaggerate and lie by omission an awful lot.  And although I consider myself an honest person, I usually go toward the white lie if the truth has no bigger role than to hurt someone.

I am really curious now.  I'd like to invite readers, and/or bloggers to "Fess Up."

I would like to tag some bloggers (but because I am a newbie I don't know how) so I will open it up to everyone else to answer the following questions:

1) how many times per day do you lie?
2) ever been caught in a lie?
3) bloggers: have you lied in a post?
4) readers: have you lied in a comment?
5) who knows the REAL you?

I will post my answers on Friday and I encourage fellow bloggers to post.  To readers, I ask that you comment.  Feel free to just be an anonymous commenter if you wish.  I'm only after the facts here, not a bust or reality show!