how's the diet goin?

>> Sunday, February 1, 2009

At this point, we are one month into 2009, and I am scheduled to write something about how many people's new year's resolutions are goin down the crapper.  I avoided all this myself, by not making any new year's resolutions!  

The best way to not fail is to not try, after all!

Seriously, I am sick (read: jealous) of hearing about how successful some people have been, especially with diets.  I mean, isn't it just understood that new year's diets are doomed from the start?  

So, I have scoured the internet and found an article to hinder, I mean help.  No, I do mean hinder-successful dieters.  Enjoy!


Sheila@Simple Indulgences February 1, 2009 at 1:57 PM  

I made no resolutions either.
My physician, Dr. Killjoy, advised me that my cholesterol and blood sugar were too high, and I must lose weight and excercise.
I immediately went home, stopping only at the drug store for chocolate, and lay on the sofa.
When the shock wore off,I realised he meant it for my own well being, so I have tried (Lawd knows I've tried) to follow his advice. I can't exercise of choice.... as it is far too cold and icy here right now.I have cut out the crap, and the carbs, but I can't say I feel better, and I certainly haven't lost any weight.
On my way home yesterday, I stopped to buy a newspaper for hubby, and fell off the wagon. I bought a large bar of Green and Blacks Organic dark chocolate(with orange peel) no less.
I ate it in the car on the way home. No wimpy two squares for me, I ate the WHOLE thing..
It felt amazing, I'm happy, and satisfied, and the feeling has lasted over into today.
I highly recommend it.

Maggie Madison February 1, 2009 at 5:04 PM  

I feel for you. A close family member has type 1 diabetes and it is her opinion that chocolate (esp dark) is a health food and affects blood sugar kind of like a complex carb would, rather than say like a cupcake or orange juice. The fact that you had ORGANIC chocolate seals it for me. I include several ounces of dark chocolate in my daily diet, religiously. Take that, Dr.Killjoy!