6 quick tips to save time

>> Friday, June 19, 2009

Time is money. Life is short. A stitch in time saves nine. These are all phrases speaking to the importance of time management. And who wouldn't like to see days last longer than 24 hours?

Here are 6 quick tips to save time, right now, today:

1. Lists (This mainly applies to hard copy list makers)
--> use one for each day
--> include to do lists, errand lists and shopping lists with coupons attached
--> categorize things: department store list, grocery list, father's day presents list
--> keep lists in central location, preferably posted in an obvious place

2. Planning
--> check email/facebook/blog comments only twice a day, not as they come in
--> schedule days off like they were work days
--> be thinking ahead to next 24 hours, but have week planned and month roughly planned
--> set iCal/PDA/phone calendar with alerts/reminders
--> put out clothes, make lunches, etc., the night before

3. Efficiency of movements
--> laundry basket organization: divide basket into two sides, one can be for each child or they can be for sheets and towels. Fold clothes as they come out of the dryer or down from the line so you are only touching them once.
-->planning errand routes for way home to save time and gas money
-->mail in and out: set up an outgoing and ingoing area. Outgoing are bills and things that need action or to be mailed. Ingoing are for things that need to be kept and filed. Purge both areas weekly

4. Organization
--> keep like things in the same place: keys to car, dirty clothes, items to bring to work each day, library books
-->keep fridge organized with all dairy items on one shelf and all bread items on another shelf, etc.

5. Early to bed early to rise
--> getting enough sleep will help you work more efficiency and save time
--> can get things done and have time to mentally go over the day before others are up

6. Using wait time
--> bring lists or PDA with you when waiting in the shopping store line to go over and fine tune plans and lists
--> use time when waiting for train or on train to work
--> carefully return calls on way home (safely, hands free, please)

If you follow some of these tips, right now, today, you will find things getting done faster and your stress level going down. I'd love to hear others tips to save time, too. Please comment below and I'll add you to the list with a link!