do you know exactly what time it is?

>> Friday, July 10, 2009

It seems while I was in school and working 3 part times jobs, I always wore a watch. I really needed to always know what time it was and where I needed to be. However, even on the rare day off, I needed to wear it.

People depended on me. I had one friend who didn't even own a watch and when we were out, it was a regular question. And I was more than fine with that. I needed to know what time it was now, how much time until I had to stop what I was doing. How much time I had until work started or ended. How long the class I was in was supposed to last. I was like addicted to knowing exactly what time it was, all the day long.

Eventually, after finished grad school and an additional certificate, I began my career. It was weird only having one place to be at each day and having weekends off. I was thrown off and kept forgetting to wear my watch.

The first day I realized and panicked! How would I know when I had to be at that meeting? How would I know when lunch was over? How much longer until I could go home?

But it went OK. I learned to use something called a clock.

I discovered they are just about everywhere. I also learned my cell phone had one, my laptop had one and my car had one.

Pretty soon, I began letting my watches' batteries run out. Eventually, I stopped wearing them altogether.

Now I have been officially watch free for over 5 years and loving it! There are times I actually don't want to know the time because I have discovered a watched clock ticks a lot. Time goes by at that same pace: tick...tick...tick, when I "watch" it.

But when I don't watch the clock, I feel free, unencumbered and time goes by so much faster. I can focus on where I am and what I am doing. There is nothing holding me back.

How about you? What time is it? Watch, clock or maybe sundial?