Tired? 7 quick tips to get more energy right now, today

>> Friday, July 31, 2009

These days, it seems, everyone is so tired. I see yawning all day long from my co-workers. People space out at meetings. Maybe it's because they are excruciatingly boring? Don't get me started.

And let's not forget the adult ADD symptoms. Um, what were we talking about? Oh, yeah. Energy.

I have noticed my own energy seems to wane in the afternoon, especially between 2-4pm. Sometimes, I am SO lethargic, I can barely do any work. However, I have found 7 ways to wake myself up. They really work.

1. Take a walk
This is a life-saver. During that 2-4 sleepy-time I have every afternoon, I get up and walk around my building at least every 20-30 minutes. It only takes a few minutes and really helps. On the weekends, I try to walk outside.

I actually think walking outside helps wake me up even more. Maybe my grandma was right about fresh air. Of course, any regular exercise done at any time during the day can energize someone for hours.

2. Do something offline : )
OK, maybe not RIGHT now, but later after you finish reading this post. Sometimes, my eyes fatigue after a few hours on the computer and I find taking a break from "screen time" really helps.

3. Caffeine
OK. Officially, I am off the caffeine, however... I do like a bit of dark chocolate during my tired time every pm. I'm not sure how much it helps my energy levels, but it sure is divine.

4. Get more sleep

Apparently, we are a sleep deprived society. And that kind of fatigue causes attention span issues AND carbohydrate binges. I know I tend to snack more when I am tired.

5. Eat less simple carbs
I have noted that I get that I crash much more in the afternoons following a nice sugary treat after lunch. So, I try to keep lunch as light as possible, while still really healthy.

6. See your doctor
This is really important. Sometimes there is a medical reason we feel tired. I, myself, keep an eye on three things via doctor's visits and blood work: Thyroid, Insulin Resistance and (OMG) menopause. Someday the fatigue I feel may be better accounted for due to medical reasons.

7. Lose weight
Ever see those weight loss commercials? The (newly) skinny people always say, I've got so much energy! This may actually be the only true part of those commercials. Carrying around too much weight can sap your energy like nothing else. OK, disclaimer time--see your doctor if you want to lose weight so she can bless your weight loss plan.