When Does Frugality Turn Into Theft? - SavingAdvice.com Blog

>> Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When Does Frugality Turn Into Theft? - SavingAdvice.com Blog

This is an interesting article about the line between saving money and being honest. However, in each of these situations, I have found a way to save honestly:

Movie Theatre
-bringing in food. I agree the cost of movie tickets and food is prohibitive, however, there are theaters out there that sell tickets for half price and include popcorn and soda!

Burning CD's and DVD's for Private Use-I agree the costs of these things has gotten steep. But you can buy only the songs you like online and save money. As for DVD's, borrow them from the library-how many times can you watch it anyway?

Using Restaurant Water to Make Your Own Lemonade-Can't I just be satisfied with water? Isn't a trip to a restaurant about the food anyway?

Coupon Abuse-since many are available online, they can be printed multiple times. In addition, I ALWAYS save more on generics than the name brands that sometimes have coupons.

Bringing a Cup into a Restaurant and Using Their Fountain Service-it is stealing. Again, how about just drinking water?

Getting Something Free, Even if you Don't Meet the Requirements-not only is this dishonest, it's tacky and may come back to you. Try looking harder for freebies you do qualify for.

Getting Discounted Tickets by Lying About Age-I really don't like this one, it sets a bad example for kids. Look for coupons to use for admission to these places or buy a yearly pass.

Birthday/Anniversary Date Lies-I don't know about you, but this screams Bad Karma to me. Again, there are always deals online where you can get discounts without lying.

Discounts That Don't Apply-This is similar to those above, get legitimate discounts that do apply online.


stacy di September 9, 2009 at 3:56 PM  

great post...I agree...and now am feeling really guilty about being a movie-theater-food-sneaker. You're right. It's stealing.

Maggie Madison September 11, 2009 at 4:51 PM  

Thanks, stacy di! If I am faced with a theater that is full price ticket and food, I usually eat dinner before I go--I can generally find a good priced place near the theater and eat there for less than the popcorn, pop and chocolate prices!