Getting Your Inner Light Relit

>> Monday, December 14, 2009

No matter what your religion, this is a time of spirituality for many.

It seems to be everywhere. I hear it in the Holiday music. I see it on the street corners. I even feel it, deep down inside.

This is also a time for questioning. Where do I fit in? How do I matter this Spiritual Season? Do I even care?

It's hard for many of us to confront the issue head on. It's an existential question about our future, that is rooted firmly in our past.

How we were brought up, religious or not; spiritual or not; open minded or closed; all combine in a unique recipe of our present reasoning.

It is through this reasoning that we find ourselves here. With questions, doubts or apathy.

Sometimes our inner light simply needs to be re-lit. But to do this, we have to let go of some of our reasoning. We have to let go of the guilt. Once we let go of the guilt there is a space for our Inner Light. It's not a perfect light. Our Inner Light does not have all the answers. Perhaps our inner light is full of questions. It can Seek and Find the right answers for our unique recipe.

Where can you get your Inner Light re-lit? It can be a place of worship. It can be an AA meeting. It can simply be seeing a good deed. The key is we have to allow what we feel to come inside and in it's basic, pure form, relight us.