Christmas in July?

>> Monday, July 30, 2007

A friend recently admitted to me that she has already started her Christmas shopping. This was something I had heard of from others. Still, I wasn't sure what to think. Is this a sign of good planning and organization? Or does this behavior cross the line into compulsiveness and toxicity?

Not knowing her exact situation, I can find a lot of nontoxic usefulness in this kind of behavior. For example, planning-we all know Christmas comes the same date every year. And if you've ever been the person who waited until the last minute, you know the true meaning of toxic stress. So, it seems that planning for the big day is a good idea.

Also, this does seem like good organization. To know who you have to buy for and what you will get them requires one to stay on top of the list, check it twice and all that.

But could it be compulsive? Compulsive behavior is something one does to relieve an obsession. I have seen this up close and the person usually has no control over the behavior. A person who was truly being compulsive wouldn't be able to have any kind of control and probably wouldn't have waited until July to start her Christmas shopping.

Gee, I think I actually bought some things for Christmas in January. What does that mean?

Merry Christmas!