The Ultimate Nontoxic Vacation

>> Thursday, July 26, 2007

As the summer moves along, my thoughts are drawn to, in my opinion, the best warm weather experience ever-camping.

Yes, camping. This is really a great way to detoxify. I love to get out of my house, routine and responsibilities. When I camp, I prefer no clocks and no mirrors. That's a real vacation.

I can get up when I want, eat when I'm hungry and use the sky to tell time. On long camping trips, if I get confused on what day it is, I can always ask someone.

I think camping can be doubly nontoxic. That is, I detoxify myself, and am around others who are also doing the same. There is a real sense of friendliness among campers as well as The Code. The Code, if you don't already know, makes it safe to live in a room with fabric walls without the fear of a break in.

When I am near the end of my camping trip, I actually want to go back to civilization, the chaos and responsibility. I think that is the ultimate goal of any vacation.