why organic?

>> Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A little toxic pesticide, anyone?

Organic food has been around a few decades, but it's really been over the last few years that it has become mainstream. Organic food is available in regular,chain grocery store nowadays and it is getting cheaper. So, why are some people still ignoring the risks of eating regular, pesticide-laden food?

Perhaps they are in denial. I know some people who simply trust the government and feel that if the FDA says it safe, then it is. However, we all know of popular drugs that have been approved

by the FDA, only to cause illness and death, then be pulled off the market. I don't believe in the conspiracy theory, but clearly the FDA is not reliable.

Some people believe the rest of us are alarmists and that the pesticide risk is low to non-existent. I ask those people to imagine an exterminator, complete with white contaminant suit and sprayer. Would you feed your children food the exterminator had sprayed? Of course not. What if he promised to spray just a little? OK, what if he promised to spray a very small diluted amount. Of course, you are relying on his word. Is it worth the risk?

I also realize money is an issue. So, I feel it is important to prioritize. From the Daily Green, there is a report detailing the foods that you should buy organic because they are so high in pesticides. There is also a list of foods you don't need to buy organic. No you can easily prioritize which fruits and vegetables you should buy organic.

However, I think the biggest reason people are ignoring the risks, is because they don't really believe the term *organic* means anything, except a mark-up in price. The organic industry needs to publicize their standards. They need to emphasize how they are regulated and what the consequences are if an organic food supplier lies on it's label. They need to actually compare and contrast what the differences are in their food, versus the regular pesticide. They need to prove they are nontoxic.