Painting your Personality

>> Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Why does a new coat of paint seem to transform a room?

A coat of paint covers old mistakes, worn out ideas and is a way of cleaning the walls of a room. The walls are, after all, the soul of the room. The walls can jump out at you or can sit elegantly in the background. But the walls are always present.

I think this makes a great metaphor into our own personality. Walls and personality are what gives an identity. Some are unmistakeably loud, while others are completely forgettable.

While painting is a relatively quick and easy fix for a wall, improving one's personality is quite a bit more complicated. However, many times a personality just needs some confidence or coping skills. A new perspective on life can be the result.

Confidence comes from doing and coping comes from dealing. Doing and dealing are how we function all the time. Why not try to do them better? Today is the day to work harder, or try the thing you think about doing, but never actually schedule it. When you find yourself dealing with something inappropriately, delay dealing with it until you are calm.

While paint can go a long way in a room's appeal, making some changes in what you already are doing can help detoxify your personality.