Doing the Right Thing in Your Nontoxic Life

>> Friday, August 3, 2007

Sometimes doing the right thing is easy and simple. You find a wallet, you turn it in. You wear your seat belt. You help a friend in need. These things most people don't think twice about doing.

But doing the right thing can be very unpopular. Admitting when you've done something wrong, helping someone you don't know, putting your life on the line, prioritizing your family over work, turning someone in, and just saying no; these are things that may be unsupported by others. Others may even be upset with the person doing these right things.

I think the reason people don't always support doing the right things is because of peer pressure. No, it didn't die in high school. In the adult world, we continue to look for acceptance outside of ourselves.

But it is from inside of ourselves where we get the strength to do these things. Then we don't need outside acceptance. Doing the right thing, whether easy or hard helps us maintain our nontoxic life.