Labor Day Time

>> Monday, September 3, 2007

It is Labor Day. An ironic day in which many people don't work to celebrate those who do and have. Most of us have this day off in observance of how workers have strengthened our country.

Last week an acquaintance of mine informed me he would be on vacation this week. I was happy for him and he explained it would be his first vacation in a year. I soon realized he chose this week so he'd only have to miss 4 work days instead of the 5 he would miss in a typical workweek.

This bothered me for a couple of reasons. First, the fact that he hasn't taken a vacation in a year is incredible to me. Second, he hasn't been off in a year and still chooses to actually have less days off than he could have.

So, I figure this man has worked the last 51 weeks, including around 45 Mondays. Mondays being the hardest day to go to work in my life. Fifty-one weeks is a very long time. I think that's around 240 odd days of working with no break.
The term workaholic comes to mind when I think of this man waiting an entire year to spend time relaxing with his family. When he has the chance, he takes only 4 days off to do it. Is his job that important? Well, I can only tell you he doesn't work at the White House, nor does he save lives for a living, so the answer is, in my opinion, no.

To me, living is an opportunity in time. No matter how long someone lives, it never seems like they had enough time. But we are here now. We have a chance to do something with our time. Is work all there is?

Not for me. I believe I am here to do something else. I am here to accomplish something, to leave something positive behind for everyone's nontoxic life.