Happy Thanksgivink?

>> Friday, November 23, 2007

No, it's not a typo. I'll explain in a minute.

This past week I have been vacillating between warm and cold thoughts for the Holiday. I have had moments where I just see the "thankless" side of people. Then again, I have had hopeful thoughts after seeing someone do something considerate.

I realize this Holiday isn't about others' actions, it's about mine. I can't control other people and how thankful or not they are. Being a control freak has been very toxic.

So, in the true spirit of Thanksgiving, here is what I have been thankful to give others: the truth when people really want it; an honest example; the right of way in traffic, even when other drivers are wrong; donations to charities; ideas on how to help the environment; and, when I'm lucky, laughter.

Then again, at my recent Thanksgiving celebration, I noticed the cake someone had brought was frosted with the words, "Happy Thanksgivink" iced on the top. I'd like to think only someone who was learning our language would misspell that. I see this as a sign of a more traditional meaning of Thanksgiving: remembering how we needed help when we were the immigrants.

So, to the person who iced that cake: Happy Thanksgivink to you, too! I guess it isn't all about me, after all.