You're Welcome

>> Friday, November 23, 2007

I recently put quite a door ding on the unoccupied car next to mine. I could have easily driven away; I knew the person was in a long line in the store I had just left.

I didn't hesitate with my decision and $125 later I am walking around with a clear conscience, but a bewildered mind.

The lady whose car I dented has thanked me numerous times. After I sent her my check, she sent me an actual Thank You card. Yes, that's right, it was as if I had given her a present or done her a favor, just by being honest.

Since when is honesty considered a present or favor? I thought it was more like an expectation, an assumption. This means, of course, that this very young lady has had some expereinces in which others were less than honest. I somehow have impressed her with just doing the right thing.

Has this very young lady's generation already become so jaded by dishonest people that I can expect more Thank You cards in the years to come? I hope not.


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