>> Sunday, August 24, 2008

Money can be toxic, especially if you have too much or too little.

For the really rich, the money can actually shrink their world. They have a hard time trusting people. And forget meeting people. Charities hound them. They may become reclusive.

And people who have very little money fare worse. They have trouble getting enough food to eat. They may be homeless, uneducated, and without health insurance.

Though it is seldom seen that way,money can limit every one's freedom. It would seem there would be a happy middle ground. A place where people would feel they have enough money.

But I don't know too many people who are satisfied with their means. Most people always seem to want to make more money. We are members of the more and more society. It doesn't occur to most people to try to simplify and do with less money.

If we could cut back and do without a few dollars every week, think of what we could do with that. A few dollars a week could translate to a few hundred dollars a year. That could do a lot for your nontoxic life.