am I wrong?

>> Sunday, March 1, 2009

I wonder if it's fair.  Is it right?  Am I a bully?


Here's the deal.  I have some friends at work.  Well that's sort of not true.  I guess I have a lot of friends at work.  The thing is I only hang out with some of these people outside of work.

The reasons are complicated.  Some people, I just don't like all that much.  Other people don't like me all that much.  Some people may like me, but I don't trust them.  They are very gossipy.  In other words, there are only a select few people I like enough to hang around with.


This puts me into a predicament.  I do really sort of like many people while I am at work, mainly because  sort of have to.  And I don't hang out with them.  So when I do get together with my outside-of-work friends I do not tell my other work friends.  It gets awkward sometimes.


Take today, for example, I had planned a little get together after work with a few work friends.  Then another person I work with wanted to do something, so I kind of had to, well, not tell her that my plans were with people she knows.  I just said plans.


Here are my questions for you:


  • Am I a liar?
  • Is what I do considered exclusion?
  • Anyone else relate?
I'd appreciate any feedback before I head to confession.