i deserve Cheetos

>> Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So I decided to have Cheetos for dessert tonight, does that tell you what kind of day I am having?

It really started last night, when my eyes began to bother me.  I chalked it up to exhaustion and went to bed.  When the alarm sounded, I noticed my vision was extremely blurry.  I splashed cold water on my eyes, meditated and went down for my morning yoga, anyway.  

Although the whole time I exercised, I obsessively thought about my eye problem which I was sure was pink eye.  I then thought about how my child's eyes seemed red the previous night and I decided I had probably given the whole house my conjunctivitis.   Then came the issue of when I could get us all to our respective doctor's offices for prescriptions, let alone the $8 eye liner I had just bought and would have to throw out.

After exercising and obsessing, I came back up to brush my teeth and put in my contacts.  I decided the glasses could wait until I had a diagnosis.  

When I went to get my contacts, I realized the lids had been left off the case.  How could I forget to put in solution?  I squinted into the deep wells, picturing small little dried up contacts, but the case was empty.  Where were my contacts?

I glanced around the bathroom.  I guess I thought they could be just sitting out on a counter somewhere.  It was then I decided to look closely in the mirror.  Yes, I was wearing the stupid contacts the whole time.  

That's why my eyes hurt last night and why I woke up with blurry vision.  That's why I obsessed through yoga about putting drops in my toddler's eyes.

It's time for Cheetos.