if i could have dinner with the president...

>> Sunday, March 29, 2009

First of all, lots of pictures.  LOTS.

Then...  (I guess this is where the politically intelligent remarks would go.)

Except I really am not interested in all that.

I think I would really be more interested in how the First Family is adjusting to their new life.  

I mean, can you imagine such an upheaval?  First the campaign craziness.  The constant travel, public appearances and the constant question of: will Daddy win?  

So then, Daddy does win.  The whole family, Grandma included, moves 1/2 way across the country to a new house.  The White House.  And Daddy is REAL busy now.

How are they dealing?

  1. Has anyone in the family asked Obama to quit? 
  2. When does Obama manage to spend time with the kids?
  3. Do Barry (yes, if I am having dinner with him, we're like that) and Michelle ever get time alone?
  4. How's it going with the MIL?
  5. Do the kids really like their new school?
  6. Does Obama ever see his friends?
  7. Has Obama secretly starting smoking again?
So, if you could have dinner with the president, how would it go?  What would you ask?