i've done something bad

>> Monday, June 1, 2009

So, apparently I am not so smart with the computers. I've done something bad to my laptop and although I've tried verbal counseling, I can't seem to get it to forgive me.

Last week my car must've thought I was cursing it when someone cut me off, because I swear my brakes immediately started all this whining and carrying on. Either that or my car is actually trying to get me to hit the driver who cut me off.

Hmmm. Is that a viable defense?

Now the power steering is in and out.

Could it be my car is trying to kill me? I mean I've only missed an oil change here or there.

At the offline job, I actually used up an entire flash drive with ALL the fun paperwork I've been doing.

And back to the home laptop. I am typing this from DH's computer. While I am NOT knocking the computer (maybe just a little), I have to say it's kind of hard using this as coffee was somehow spilled on the keyboard (not sure how that happened), so some keys are really sticky.

Add to the mix that fact that I am at my peek of busyness at the offline job and here you have it: if I haven't already done something bad to bring on the tech issues, I'm going to really soon.