September 11, 2009 Patriot Day

>> Friday, September 11, 2009

I hate this day. I hate what happened 8 years ago. I hate how we seem to be ignoring the biggest disaster I have ever witnessed in my life.

I hate that 9/11 has caused me to hate.

For years now, I have asked for a National Holiday to honor the victims and their families. I feel this should be a day when we look at our loved ones and realize how fortunate we are and thank whichever God we pray to that we have our family right now.

And now we have Patriot Day. This year I thought that would make a difference. But it just seemed like business as usual.

Today is nothing like business as usual. To me, there is still no closure and probably never will be. People went to work that day just like we did today. The difference is they never came home.

September 11, 2010 will be a Saturday and I am going to pretend it's the National Holiday I always wanted. I intend to celebrate life, family and freedom. I will not say, "I hate..." that day. I will instead name the things I have; the things I love.