a company that may be expanding near you

>> Sunday, March 8, 2009

Here is one business that is expanding in our economy.  Real Property Management Greater Cincinnati is actually trying to expand their business.  They take care of all those nasty little details for people who are renting out their single family homes.  

This applies to me, as we are still carrying two mortgages because we have been unable to sell our old house.  I think there are many vacant homes around the country and many people (like me) who haven't been able to make the rental thing work out due to all those details.

I keep hearing horror stories about finding renters, the condition they may leave the house, the credit issues, the security deposit and the eviction issue.  It sounds like Real Property Management Greater Cincinnati will take care of all that.  Plus they do regular inspections of the rental property.

My theory is if I can help them expand by doing a paid post about them, they may come to your area or my area, looking to hire people to manage local property.  I know quite a few people that would love a job right about now.

This could be a win-win situation.