creative ideas

>> Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I just got my Creative Ideas for Home and Garden from Lowe's home improvement store.  This must mean someone who knows about these things has decided that we are closer to spring than we are farther from it.

I am excited!  The weather is definitely warmer and the days are longer.  We start daylight saving time tonight,too.

The magazine always has good ideas and this one has a bonus section.  Twenty pages of enhanced outdoor living.  Did I mention this is free?  Just go to

The highlights are: 
  • Front Porch: cozy and colorful outdoor room; 
  • Kitchen Style: backsplash updates; and 
  • Paint Primer: everything you need to know.

I don't know about you but I need a seasonal magazine like this to get my own challenged (read: weak) creative juices flowing.  

Here is what I am planning on doing from the depths of the magazine: borders, car cubes and a painted wooden arbor.

For the borders, I have always wanted a looser border along my fence line.  Right now I have several bare areas that would look great with some wild loose flowers and greenery.

For the car cubes, I am going to find some canvas or plastic bins I already have and attach the industrial hook and loop closure to the bottom and attach it to the back of the SUV or the trunk of my sedan.  I love a good organizing technique and this looks simple.

Lastly and only if monetarily possible, I love the painted arbor.  It has an adjustable seating bench that cane be raised and used as a shelf for plants or lanterns or whatever.  I love this idea!!

Spring, you can come anytime now, because I am ready for you!