Nine Things I Can't Blame on the Economy

>> Friday, October 2, 2009

1. The Weather

This seems to be so random, I can't blame it on anyone. Except a Higher Power who probably has a higher plan, so that's really blameless all around.

2. The Utter Lack of Sleeping Taking Place in My House There are nap strikes. There are adrenaline powered 10 pm bedtimes and one worn out mama. Sheesh.

3. My Irregular Meditation Schedule
This is just my own fault. Really you'd think after reading #2 that I'd have all kinds of reasons to try to chill.

4. Parenting Induced-Attention Deficit Disorder

Seriously I am used to getting interrupted so often, that I can no longer concentrate for more than....Uh, where was I?

5. Technology Problems
My own theory on tech problems is they are a cosmic joke, not a result of over spending, layoffs or the housing market.

6. Critter and Bug Issues
I'd love to blame these littler vermin on someone or something. My friend says, "We are living in their house, remember?" Oh, yeah.

7. Winter is Coming
Now, I know this is related to #1, but I feel it deserves a separate number. In the south, they have no winter, but in the north it's inevitable. Therefore, the only one I can blame winter on is myself, as I choose to live here.

8. My Health

If I am not taking care of myself by getting enough sleep, eating right, meditating and exercising, then I cannot blame recurring sinus issues, back trouble and H1N1 on anyone else.

9. Bullying

There seems to be a relationship between kids bullying and their home and school. But I can only say that both need to educate the kids, give them consequences and not hide under the cozy blanket of denial. When any adult ignores bullying they make bullying powerful

(photo credits: extranoise, Harpersbizarre, mikal-bisnovat, Eddie~S)