Nontoxic as State of Mind, State of the Planet

>> Monday, July 16, 2007

To be truly nontoxic, one has to look inside as well as outside of themselves.

There are environmental toxins that affect the earth, like pollution, garbage, pesticides and fuel. There can even be toxic people in our lives. But we all carry around mental toxins, too, which affect our state of mind. Anger can be extremely toxic. Stress is another culprit. Guilt, anxiety, and depression are all toxic to our bodily systems.

This blog will explore the environmental toxins we can take small steps to eradicate, as well as the mental toxins we carry around every day.

Some of the issues s I'll discuss include: nontoxic cleaners and going green.  

I'll also give equal time to the toxic feelings and thoughts we have. I'll talk about money, cars, raising children and handling their behavior, and stress.  And me, being me, there will be many random thoughts that don't fit into any of these categories.